We've Made Taking Care Of Your Hair Simple & Easy

We all want healthy, good looking hair. Traditionally most hair care brands create a huge line of products to help you accomplish this... Those days are over (finally). We spent 2 years testing and developing All-In-one solutions for any and all hair types. How? By doing what not other companies were willing to do, we spared no expense on premium natural ingredients!

Founded by Bruno Marc 

in 2014

At TAOH we are a family run brand, with over 40 years of industry expertise and a multi award winning salon group ‘Marc Antoni’. As a former President of British Hairdressing and salon owner I wanted to create fewer products that covered every hair type and condition, so you don’t have long hair routines an endless waste in your cupboards. Two years later of testing in salons, listening to clients, stylists and director feedback, TAOH was formed. With naturally derived ingredients perfect for your hair (without any of the nasties).

Meet the TAOH family

Bruno Marc Giamattei


Gianluca Giamattei

Marketing Manager

Julie Giamattei

Accounts Manager

Gavin Chung

TAOH Chemist

Sue Giamattei

Finance Executive

Melanie Godfray

TAOH Co-ordinator 

Jasmin Giamattei

Social Media Manager

Loved by Salon Owners

Head Office

TAOH Limited

5 Hart Street, Henley-on-Thames,

Oxfordshire, RG9 2AR, UK

Tel: 01491 412 297

Email: info@taoh.co.uk

For further distribution queries, please fill out the form below or contact us at info@taoh.co.uk

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How can we help?

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