Want to Maximize Volume in Your Hair?

Dec 22, 20
Want to Maximize Volume in Your Hair?

Looking to boost your hair’s volume? You aren’t alone! With a slew of different volumizing shampoos, conditioners, hair sprays and even oils on the market, it’s easy to see that healthy, thick, voluminous hair is something we all crave. You need a plan to build body, add texture and definition, enhance shine and keep your hair looking full for days without having to deal with sticky residue or an overload of products weighing it down. From the tricks of mastering volume for fine hair, to maintaining volume and boosting curl definition on thick hair, if you’re ready to seriously maximize the volume in your hair, check out our top 5 tips below!

Start with a Volumizing Conditioner

It all starts with shampoo and conditioner! Opt for a volumizing conditioner and apply it from mid lengths to ends only. Adding conditioner directly to the roots will only serve to weigh down your hair, leaving it flat and lifeless- definitely not the look we’re after! A volumizing conditioner will start your look off on the right foot by enhancing your hair’s natural body and adding a bit of definition while letting your hair soak up some extra moisturizing benefits.

Mix in a Styling Mousse

The next step in your volumizing regimen should be to incorporate a styling mousse. This product is a game changer when it comes to moisturizing curls, taming frizz, and delivering that extra bounce you’re looking for. A volumizing mousse will not only hydrate hair and leave you with a smooth, shiny finish - but also protect it from external environmental factors like humidity and extreme temperature changes that can weigh it down. For best results, use your volumizing mousse on gently towel dried hair before drying completely.

Don’t forget to Blow Dry

A simple hair dryer can work major body-building magic when you’re looking to bolster voluminous hair. With your head upside down and your hair hanging in front of your face, direct the flow of air from roots to tips to foster added definition and texture. Then, opt for a round brush to create the look of extra volume and a touch of bounce.

Hairspray for Hold

Once the hair is dry and you’ve got your style in place, reach for TAOH firm hold hairspray to lock in your newly added volume and hold the look all day. TAOH hairspray is formulated with repairing silk proteins and provitamin B5 to not only keep hair in place and tame flyaways, but also moisturize and protect for your healthiest, most voluminous look ever.

Follow with Hair Oil

Take your boosted volume to the next level by finishing dressing your hair with TAOH oil to give it that healthy looking shine. A go-to for naturally enhancing body and adding definition to your hair while smoothing out frizz and flyaways with a lightweight finish.

If you’ve got big, healthy, voluminous hair set in your sights, try these easy tips to effortlessly and effectively maximize volume while promoting soft, healthy, radiant hair!