The 3 Best Tips to Dry Your Hair

Dec 22, 20
The 3 Best Tips to Dry Your Hair

When it comes to styling your hair, a typical blow dry probably doesn’t fall very high on your list of priorities. Many of us hastily wrap our hair in a towel post-shower and then rush to get the blow drying done as quickly as possible. Sound familiar? Unfortunately, this classic routine might be causing unnecessary damage to both your hair and scalp - not to mention it isn’t doing your style any favors, either. Ready to fix it? Here are our top 3 tips to dry your hair!

Tip 1: Blot the Excess Water From Your Hair 

It's a visual as old as time: hopping out of the shower and tossing hair up in a towel and rubbing vigorously to dry the hair. Then - leaving it up in the towel for 20 to 30 minutes or more as makeup is done and clothes are put on. Nope! Leave that story behind right now! Our hair is actually incredibly vulnerable when wet, so rubbing it dry with a towel causes major friction on the hair, leaving it more susceptible to damage and breakage. If you must toss it up in a towel, make sure to blot the hair, not rub, and leave it wrapped up for 10 minutes, max. A gentle press is all you need to remove any excess moisture before a blow dry, and by doing so you’ll also avoid creating any unnecessary frizz.

Tip 2: Blow Dry From Roots to Ends

Now you’re ready to start drying! For hair health as well as style, it’s important to always blow dry the hair from roots to ends, in the direction of the cuticles. Directing the airflow in this downward direction allows you to work with the hair, as opposed to against it. You’ll find that your hair ends up smoother, shinier and silkier when the cuticles are able to close properly post-blow dry.

Tip 3: Warm to Style - Cold to Seal

Our third top tip makes use of the various heat settings on your hair dryer! Always ignoring that cool button? It’s time to change that! Here’s the deal: you will want to use the warm/medium heat setting on your hair dryer to style the hair, as heat does the brunt of the drying work and forms the style you're looking for- whether it's straight, curly or somewhere in between. Following this with cool air allows the hair to set and literally seals the style in place by closing the cuticles and adding a touch of shine. The cool setting not only physically cools down the temperature hair but helps your hair hold its shape and leaves you with a smooth finish.

Bonus Tip: Apply TAOH Oil

Finish your blow dry with TAOH oil for extra shine and a bit of hydration after drying. You can apply a few drops of oil from mid lengths to ends to put an end to any extra frizz, prevent split ends, avoid tangles and finish the job with a touch of shine.

There you have it- our top 3 tips for drying your hair to foster hair health and style!