Struggling to Keep Long Lasting Curls?

Dec 22, 20
Struggling to Keep Long Lasting Curls?

Is there anything better than a head full of gorgeous, bouncing curls? As far as I’m concerned you’d be hard pressed to find a more tell-tale sign of healthy, radiant hair than flawless curls. The issue arises, however, when curls are unable to hold their definition all day and end up falling flat. 

If you find yourself struggling to keep the bounce in your curls all day long, keep reading! In this article we’ll go over some of our best tips, tricks and products to help your hair hold a curl all day and all night.

Blot, Don’t Rub

Here’s the deal: harshly rubbing your hair with a towel while it’s wet is damaging your hair. It can cause split ends, create frizz and wreak havoc on your otherwise healthy hair. The fix? Start by blotting the hair dry instead. You can still use a cotton towel (if you must), but a microfiber towel that blots up moisture would be even better. Take it easy on your hair by pressing gently to remove any excess water from damp hair before prepping with products.

Prep with a Mousse

Prep time! You can achieve long-lasting curls by prepping your hair with a mousse to help hold your curls in place longer. Adding a bit of mousse before drying and styling will give your hair some added texture, aiding in the longevity of those desirable curls. Apply a generous amount to hair and work it through from root to tip. If you have dry hair you can also prep with both oil and a mousse. 

Air Dry or Diffuse

You can let your hair air dry naturally in order to soak up the maximum benefits of your prepping products, or opt to use a diffuser with your hair dryer to speed up the process. Using a diffuser effectively minimizes frizz and helps to give your curls some added volume. Once dry, curl your hair with your preferred tongs or irons as usual.

Shake It Out

After you’ve styled your hair and it has cooled, toss your head back and use a wide tooth comb or your fingers to lightly loosen and relax curls. You can also give your head a gentle shake to settle the curls into place as well. The idea here is to leave the curls a bit tighter than you’d actually like them to be, so that as they fall a bit in the course of getting ready, they’ll be perfect when you arrive wherever it is you’re headed!

Finish with TAOH Oil

Finally, finish dressing the curls out with TAOH oil! A luxurious blend of argan, macadamia and kukui nut oils to restore the life of hair and promote scalp health while encouraging healthy growth. Apply a few drops of oil to fingers and gently work through from mid lengths to ends to provide that extra shine! Bonus: you’ll calm frizz before it starts and prevent split ends and tangles.

Hands Off!

It can be incredibly tempting to continue running your fingers through those beautiful, bouncy curls all day, but you must resist the temptation! Once you’ve finished styling - Leave. Your. Hair. Alone! Too much touching and your curls are more likely to frizz out, tangle up and cause flyaways. 

If you’ve been struggling to keep long-lasting curls, give these tricks a try next time you’re styling for an all-day voluminous, bouncy curl!