Do You Suffer From Dry, Frizzy Hair? Read This!

Dec 22, 20
Do You Suffer From Dry, Frizzy Hair? Read This!

If you suffer from dry or frizzy hair, you know just how frustrating it can be to try and tame, control and subdue your locks. First of all, it’s not your fault! On the whole, curly hair is naturally more dry than straight hair. The reason for this is that the scalp’s natural oils which work to keep hair moisturized and healthy, have a much more difficult time traveling down a strand of curly hair than that of it’s straight counterpart. The good news is there are steps you can take to stop the constant battle with your dry, frizzy hair. The first of which is to shift your mindset from controlling your frizzy hair to treating it. Read on for all the details!

Space Out Your Washes

Treating your dry hair starts in the shower! While many of us want to wash our hair everyday, many shampoos can be extremely harsh and overly drying to the hair. If your curly hair has been frizzing out lately, try washing it every other day to prevent removing all of your natural oils. You can include a dry shampoo in your hair care routine on the days you don’t wash in order to blot out some of the oils without removing them entirely. A natural dry shampoo can also work as a style extender and volumizer to refresh and add a little life and texture to your hair. When you do shampoo, apply it to your roots only and then work to spread the lather to the rest of your hair. Give your scalp some extra love to promote circulation and help exfoliate any dead skin cells. A healthy scalp translates to healthy hair!

Cut Your Shampoo with Water

It might be extremely satisfying to pump out a huge handful of shampoo, but remember: the less shampoo on your frizzy hair, the better. You can reduce the severity of your shampoo by cutting it with a bit of water. Bonus: your shampoo will last you longer as well!

Always Follow up with Conditioner

The best treatment for frizzy hair: hydration! Conditioner is truly where the magic happens. A hydrating conditioner is essential to help smooth out those dry, frizzy locks while at the same time protecting them from environmental factors like humidity, temperature changes and the sun’s rays. Use a wide-toothed comb to help distribute the conditioner evenly throughout the length of your strands. Try TAOH Conditioner for the ultimate moisturizing experience. A combination of organic coconut, babassu and argan oils to restore, strengthen and deeply hydrate dry, frizzy hair.

Mask Up...

… with a hair mask of course! If you’re truly committed to increasing moisture, a weekly hair mask is the key! Whether your curls are dry and frizzy, heat-damaged, or dull and lifeless, a hair mask is the answer. Implementing our TAOH Hydrate Mask into your hair care regimen once per week will help promote softer, healthier hair. Eight natural plant oils come together to penetrate deeply and nourish, protect and restore hair, with no unnecessary buildup.


Finish with Hair Oil

Hair oil is another great way to treat your dry hair with compassion! Before and/or after drying hair, a hair oil can help you comb through tangles without creating extra breakage. Pay special attention to the ends and give them a few drops of oil each day to seal in moisture, tame frizz and nourish brittle ends, allowing your hair to reap all the benefits of your conditioner and weekly hair masks.

Stay Hydrated!

Finally, healthy, nourished hair starts with a hydrated body! Water is not only essential for a myriad of your body’s most vital processes, it also is a direct contributor to the health of both your skin and hair. Make sure you are drinking enough water each day to support healthy and radiant hair. If you find yourself battling with frizzy hair, try implementing these tips to care for and treat your dry hair to promote moisturized, healthy hair!