3 Top Tips for Bringing Out Your Natural Curls

Dec 23, 20
3 Top Tips for Bringing Out Your Natural Curls

There’s just something about the style and elegance of a natural curl that’s begging to be emphasized and played up! Curls add much sought after volume and can really help frame and define your face. If you are one of the lucky ones who’ve got some natural curls, or have a bit of wave you want to turn into something really special - here are our three best tips to play up those natural locks for an effortless, curl intensive look.

Tip 1: Deep Condition

A weekly deep conditioning mask will help you maintain soft, healthy hair - and hydration is the magic word when it comes to emphasizing your natural curls! A weekly mask regimen will breathe new life into your curls by encouraging moisture retention, help you avoid split ends and breakage, and nourish frizz-free hair. Look for a hair mask with a blend of nourishing botanical oils that can physically penetrate the hair cuticle and deliver intense hydration without weighing it down. Think of your hair mask as a prepping product to bring out bouncy, well-defined curls.

Tip 2: Prep, Scrunch and Seal!

When styling to bring out your natural curls, start with a product that delivers a dose of moisture and apply it directly to damp hair. Use a wide tooth comb to distribute it evenly from mid lengths to ends. You’ll not only hydrate your thirsty curls but help to seal in the cuticle, adding definition and combating frizz. Alternatively, you can scrunch the product into hair as well to start giving your waves a bit of life and texture. This pre-styling treatment step creates a strong foundation for defining curly hair styles while promoting healthy, nourished hair at the same time. Follow with a styling product that holds curls in place and seals in your look for a smooth, silky texture all day.

Tip 3: Ditch the Frizz

Let’s face it, frizz is something all curly girls deal with now and again, but you can minimize the appearance of frizz by letting your hair air dry naturally, or using a diffuser attachment to your hair dryer. A diffuser works to soften the air released by the dryer and helps give curls added definition, volume and smoothness while preventing frizz. Letting your hair dry naturally is another way to combat frizz, as your pre-styling products have a greater ability to soak into and coat the hair strands.

Bonus Tip: Tie Hair Loosely

Finally, if you want to put your hair up, but would like to save your curls, make sure to tie the hair loosely. Flip your head over and secure it into a loose bun. Twist and tuck   using a scrunchie if possible to avoid a dent. For a wavy second-day style you could also opt to sleep in loose french braids to protect your hair from damage while also fostering a cute natural style!

Bring out the look of your natural curls with these tips designed to add definition, texture, bounce and life to your waxy tresses!